Saturday, October 5, 2013

This is Me

I'm Melissa, Mel for short and this is my blog. 

I named my blog what I did because of hummingbirds. 

This blog won’t be about hummingbirds entirely but they are an interesting minute aspect of my life. 

     Did you know a hummingbird's eyesight can see forward and to its side? Part of the way a hummingbird gets through life is by its sight. The bird needs to see to find food and to feed itself and to protect itself from any predators. For me, looking at life in different perspectives gives a different understanding and purpose to my life. 
     There was a time where my mom and I would be on hummingbird watch. During a certain time everyday a hummingbird or two, if we got lucky, would pop into the backyard. The expectation was awarded by the successful sighting and watching of its arrival and where it was going to go. 
It is one thing to expect something but when the unexpected happens, it catches me off guard and without my camera. Like when I would be on a walk with my dog and a hummingbird catches my eye for a few brief seconds and I'd watch it like in slow motion. My eyes following the bird as it dips its black slender beak into the center of a deep pink bleeding heart. Just like a flower blossom hummingbirds are gorgeous delicate creatures and when I can capture one on camera makes the day special. 
      One of my daily passions of mine is taking photographs.  Photography is my reflection, my expression, my vision in a picture of things that catch my eye. I like to take a picture of something at different angles. I like to think of a way to make the picture appear to be different so that it is not looking like an ordinary flower or a regular cheeseburger. My love for most food items and taking pictures of well-dressed food is something new that has intrigued me. Pictures also evolve from the trips that my family and I take. My family and I love taking road trips when we have an opportunity. The most places we have been happens to be in Arizona. The environment and the atmosphere in Arizona are breathtaking. The Red Rock Canyon is one of the places I have been to. My eyes following in and through the curving of the red, orange, and white streaks in the rocks along the canyon wall trying to see where it ends or where it leads to. I end up finding a hidden beauty which was part of how Arizona was created while being in a silent stance.  There are so many more places that I have been to and a variety of pictures that I have taken.

      I am not a professional photographer, journalist, or videographer but aim to be one day. 
Being a senior in high school I have my life ahead of me. I hope that I have a life ahead of me. I have a faith and a belief that there is an eternal place after death. I take life day by day but I do have a plan for the future. I have my beliefs but I will not tell them all now.
      I hope that this blog brings life, I want to bring life and insight and I want to hear back from my viewers to. 

Thanks for stopping by.


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